Putt Putt Golf

Think you have what it takes to get a hole in one?! Circle City Athletics offers Putt Putt Golf during the warmer months for players to show off their putting skills! Played at Woodland Bowl teams will rotate playing on different courses each week. Come out and join us where beer is welcome on the course and everyone has a good time!

Teams of two will compete against another team each week. The season will last 6 weeks. Scores from each week will be tallied and the winner of the league will be the team with the best score after 6 weeks.

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Putt Putt Golf is back! CCA will offer a six week Putt Putt Golf league where beer can be purchased and welcome on the course! Teams of two will compete each week against another team on the 18 hole courses at Woodland Bowl.

Tuesday Night Woodland League

Location: Woodland Bowl
League Day: Tuesdays starting on August 30, 2016
Start Time: 7:00pm
League Manager: Ben Allen
Teams: There are a maximum of 36 spots for teams in this league.
People Per Team: At least 2, not more than 2
Cost per Person: $50.00

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